Cast and Crew

The Boss Lady (me).  Mom, support role to guy who thinks he is the boss (he just hasn’t figured out who he really works for).  I used to go by Carly and played tennis but now I am just “mom”. I am a proficient  ass-wiper, multitasking goddess but never actually completes anything.

The Husband (Alex).  “I pretend to be an intellectual while my wife does all the heavy lifting.”  Alex, our voice of reason, the numbers guy,  skilled ball thrower, professional wrestler and the master of tuning out anything and everything.

Little Drama Mama (Kaylen – 7). “Evan, go wash your hands or you are not touching my toys.”

The Gentle Giant (Evan – 5). “Mom, is this the toothbrush I stuck in my butt?”

The Critter (Carson – 3). “Sure, sure I can poop in the potty… what are you going to buy me, a bike or a t-rex?”

The Baby (Hudson – 1).  Thirty pounds and still nursing several times a night! “Mamamamamamamamama dada Mamamamamamama”