Baby on board

I always wondered when I was growing up why people put “baby on board “ signs on their cars and thought how dumb it was, nobody cares that you have a baby, get over yourself already. Then one day it all made sense. It’s a warning! Some crazy ass mom is in there who just got hit in the back of the head with a juice box while her baby is screaming louder than the wheels on the bus is playing on the radio. She is just trying to survive and find the god damn pacifier in the backseat for the 16th time.  So lay off your horn and give a good ole thumbs up when you drive around her at the green light because shit is probably going down! 

Remember that woman with 4 kids who drove her minivan into the ocean?  Clearly the asshole driving behind her missed the warning and honked at the ticking time bomb… and shit went down! (FYI they all lived)  We moms need student driver stickers . We pull off on the side of road at any given minute, swerving all over the place as we swat at the backseat, slamming on the breaks to pretend like we are really turning this car around! Lets be honest, we can be really shitty drivers, it’s like training for driving a humvee through Iraq! Protect and serve! That’s what we do all damn day for these little critters and you never know when they are going to retaliate. So in hopes of a little compassion Student Driver Stickers all around…  a student with a baby on board, people should be extra nice. Hunker down, drive on and eventually they will surrender.

Christmas letter 2017

Yes, it’s true, we had another baby, yes it was on purpose, no he did not just fall out, and are we done yet?? You just stay tuned.  Hudson James Masog blessed me with an 18 day early  arrival on June 17th and weighed in at 7 pounds 2 oz.  Twenty four hours later we came home from the hospital, the next day Alex went back to work, the day following that I found my way back to the gym and then it was like we had never not had this little guy… in case you missed the announcement this it.

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A Mama who’s sassy, a little bad assy and just enough classy

I was sitting on the toilet nursing my 3 month old, brushing my teeth as my toddler is yelling in my face that he wants to wipe ME.  In the background I hear the four year old yelling to wipe him as my daughter complains that she can’t find her toothbrush. With one boob out and one eye open I made it to the coffee pot and thought, “I need to start writing this crap down, I need to be able to laugh about this shit (literally and figuratively) later!”  So here I am — let’s laugh about it together. Continue reading “A Mama who’s sassy, a little bad assy and just enough classy”

Christmas Letter 2016

Yep, it’s really here so get to it and be Merry! Start baking cookies with your kids and post the one good picture where it looks like you are having a super awesome time; start using the “no Santa” threat in times of desperation and let’s go pack on those five holiday pounds that we all know we’ll lose starting January 1st.  Sounding a little cynical?  Turns out first trimester pregnant women and the grinch have a lot in common. 😛  What would a Masog Christmas letter be without a birth or pregnancy announcement?? Continue reading “Christmas Letter 2016”