Christmas letter 2017

Yes, it’s true, we had another baby, yes it was on purpose, no he did not just fall out, and are we done yet?? You just stay tuned.  Hudson James Masog blessed me with an 18 day early  arrival on June 17th and weighed in at 7 pounds 2 oz.  Twenty four hours later we came home from the hospital, the next day Alex went back to work, the day following that I found my way back to the gym and then it was like we had never not had this little guy… in case you missed the announcement this it.

(Nice list)

Big Ev learned to ski at Mt. Bachelor this year just before his fourth Birthday. There are some things that only the first kid gets and dad attempting to teach them to ski was one of them (Kaylen blew that one for everyone) so Evan went straight to ski school and after two days was up on the mountain with his cousins and big sister.

Kaylen got invited to be on OGA’s competitive gymnastic team in September which entails being in the development squad for the next 1-2 years which is where she is at now and loving it. Once she can walk on her hands farther than her mom we are pulling her out!

Carson, well, hmm, I don’t know if Carson made the nice list this year… I’ll have to think on that one. Hudson was our first kid to get newborn pictures which will hopefully compensate for his empty baby book and everything that he wears, rides and eats being a hand me down.

I ran the Shamrock half marathon at 24 weeks pregnant with only 1 potty stop, zero walking and finished the race in a little over 2 hours… I am not really sure what I am compensating for yet but I am sure I will figure that out next year.

Alex has mastered the phrase “yes dear” and it only took 4 kids but Alex has proudly stopped putting diapers on backwards, stopped using PJs as day wear and almost always puts the kids in their only clothes.

Kaylen and Evan had a lot of firsts this year, first time getting up on the knee boards, first time ziplining, parasailing, and jetskiing. Carson better pull that plug out of his mouth and put on his big boy pants if he wants to hang with these two.

(Naughty list)

Yes, we still have two in diapers and when Villa kids asks, “do you need a potty training sticker?” The answer is still No! No, we do not need a potty training sticker, we are perfectly happy with Carson pooping in his diaper in the bathroom with the door closed.”

Alex did not get his vasectomy in by the end of the year.. oh the possibilities that leaves for next year’s card.

Evan still growls, Kaylen still fake cries, Carson still uses a plug (okay guys, keep it G rated this is a family holiday letter) and I am still drinking diet soda

Popular question we are getting this holiday season — “How did you guys manage a flight to Thailand with 4 kids?”

Answer — We flew China Southern… We had no idea what anyone on the flight was saying to us, about us or at us. Ignorance is bliss!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, fun filled 2018!



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